Cremation Garden

Union Hill Cemetery is home to southern Chester County’s only cemetery-based cremation interment area called the “White Garden.” The garden was designed so that at different times of the year visitors would observe various blooms of white, including the bark of the trees planted and the various bushes and flowers. Arriving through the main gate of Union Hill Cemetery on North Union Street (Route 82), visitors are greeted by a long path of mature Japanese Cherry trees, which bloom every spring. This vista naturally will lead people to the back of the cemetery to a cobblestone roundabout where the cremation garden has been carefully surveyed and planned. At the edges of the garden, there will be family estate garden spots; in this area of the garden there will be upright family markers. The balance of the section will be for flush gravestones.

The late well-known landscape architect, Jerry Evans, as it is described, designed the “White Garden”.