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Last Updated December 18, 2014

The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the Company in order that the uses of the lots by the owners and the company may be harmonized and the grounds more efficiently maintained. They have not been adopted arbitrarily but rather in the belief that their observance will enhance the beauty of the grounds and assure the permanency of an atmosphere of quite dignity.

Our Rules & Regulations are also available in Spanish: Reglas y regulaciones (PDF)

1. The graves and lots in the Cemetery shall be used for no other purpose than as a place of sepulcher for human bodies. Multiple depth interments and above-ground burials are not allowed. Cremains (ashes) are limited in one grave.

2. Lot owner shall not be permitted to allow interments to be made in their lots for remuneration. No transfer of any lot is valid unless the consent in writing is endorsed by the Treasurer, and a new Deed issued in accordance with the By-Laws. Re-sale of lots may be carried out through Union Hill Cemetery Company with the Cemetery retaining a percentage for so doing. The new owner must pay a fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) for the new Deed.

3. An oral order is required from the lot owner, or his legal representative, whenever a grave is to be opened.

4. No new planting of shrubs, trees or bushes allowed. If any existing trees or bushes situated in any lot shall, by means of their roots or branches, become detrimental to adjacent lots or avenues, or unsightly, it shall be the duty of the Cemetery Company and it shall have the right to enter upon said lots and remove said trees, shrubs, bushes or parts thereof. This work will be at the expense of the lot owner.

5. In making excavations the Cemetery Company reserves the right to use temporarily the adjoining lot or lots to receive such tools and equipment as is necessary to perform the work.

6. Lot owners are required to prepay all charges of the Cemetery Company for interments, labor and materials. No burial shall be permitted in any lot against which there is any charge of the Cemetery Company due and unpaid.

7. The charge for Perpetual Care and maintenance of each lot, which includes mowing and trimming the grass, shall be at the discretion of the Cemetery.

8. All work in the Cemetery shall be done by or under the supervision of the Superintendent of Union Hill Cemetery.

9. Lot owners may adorn their lots with flowers only adjacent to the monument. Artificial flowers may not be used between March 15th and November 1st. All floral pieces when faded, dead flowers and plants, water containers and artificial flowers may be removed by the Cemetery Company.

10. The Cemetery Company reserves the right, and it shall be its duty to remove or reset fallen monuments; and to repair those in a dangerous and/or unsafe condition. All such improvement will be at the expense of the lot owner.

11. Funeral Regulations: Two (2) business days notice for arranging interments. Funeral procession to arrive at Cemetery by 2:30 PM on Mondays through Friday; no later than 12:30 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. There will be an extra charge for Saturday, Sunday and holiday funerals.

12. Walking dogs or any other animals is prohibited in the Cemetery on driveways and where stones are placed. All terrain vehicles (ATV’s) mini bikes and motor bikes are prohibited.

13. All lots purchased shall be endowed to perpetual care. Purchaser shall have privilege of spreading payment for said lot over a 1 year period. No interment shall be permitted, however, unless all charges have been paid in full.

14. The Cemetery Company may from time to time revise these rules; make reasonable amendments and additions thereto as may be necessary for the proper administration of the Cemetery.

A. FLUSH MEMORIAL AND MARKER: flush type bronze, granite or marble Memorials. All second memorials shall be installed in the center of the grave or foot of the grave.

B. UPRIGHT MONUMENTS: Upright granite, marble, or upright bronze and granite monuments may be used. Monument benchs are not permitted.


Basic guidelines are as follows:

Limitations on monuments shall be two tons in weight, four feet in height from foundation (ground level). The cemetery requires only conventional materials be used for monuments. No embellishments of monuments are allowed. Maximum foundation lengths shall be forty inches on a single grave; 48 inches on two graves; five feet on three graves (1/2 lot); six feet on six graves (full lot)

Note: Gravestones made from materials other than bronze, marble or granite will not be permitted. Exotic, “non-conforming” shaped figurines are also not allowed.

Acceptable Monument Materials and dimensions include:

BRONZE — Minimum Individual 24 x 12 brz. on optional 28 x 16 x 4 granite backer
Minimum Companion 36 x 13 brz.on optional 40 x 17 x 4 granite backer
Vases are permitted in most locations.

FLAT GRANITE or MARBLE — Minimum Individual 24 x 12 x 4
Minimum Companion 48 x 12 x 4
Vases are permitted in most locations.

MONUMENTS — Minimum Individual 1’8″ x 0’8″ x 2’2″ Tablet
2’10” x 1’2″ 0’8″ Base
Minimum Companion 3’0″ x 0’8″ x 2’2″ Tablet
4’0″ x 1’2″ x 0’8″ Base

Maximum width for monument base not to exceed 85% total width of graves covered.

D. CORNER POSTS AND BABY MARKERS: All lot corner posts shall be at least eight inches square in length, not more than six inches square on each side and set flush with the ground. No railings or enclosures shall be permitted. Footstones and corner stones must be flush with the ground. All markers in the baby section must be flush with the ground. Baby markers are maximum dimension of 16″ x 10″ x 4″ in the baby only section

E. QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP: Imperfections, which mar the appearance or impair the usefulness and stability of the finished Memorial, Marker, or Upright Monument is unacceptable. Each Memorial, Marker, or Upright Monument must be free from weakening defects and imperfections.

F. VETERAN MEMORIALS: Flush type bronze, granite or marble Memorials furnished by the Federal Government will be accepted by the Cemetery.

G. All property must be paid in full prior to installation of a permanent memorial and any variations to the above must have board approval

A. AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED: The AUTHORIZATION FOR INSTALLATION must be made with the Cemetery. Request must include a scetch of the memorial including dimensions, artwork design and lettering, and type of granite. All items must be listed on the letterhead of the monument dealer or deed holder making request accompanied by a $25 application fee made out to Union Hill Cemetery Association. The Cemetery must receive authorization from the Burial Right Owner or owner’s monument dealer, in writing prior to any installation of a Memorial or Upright Monument. Upon approval by the cemetery, an “Authorization for Installation” letter will be sent to the lot owner representative.

B. FOUNDATIONS/ INSTALLATIONS: All foundations for any Memorial, wherever purchased, shall be laid by the Cemetery. Foundation charges, done by the Cemetery, shall be as set from time to time by the Cemetery and shall be the same to all Lot Owners, regardless of where the Memorial is purchased. Typical weather conditions dictate cement foundations are usually formed & poured from mid March through mid November. Foundation requests will be accompanied by an approved “Authorization For Installation” form provided by the cemetery.

C. FUNERAL SERVICES: No equipment shall be brought onto the Cemetery Grounds while a funeral service is in progress

D. UNPAID PROPERTY: Memorials, Markers, and Upright Monuments shall not be permitted on unpaid Burial Spaces. Memorials, Markers, and Upright Monuments shall not be dropped off on Cemetery property.

E. ALIGNMENT: Monuments shall line up according to section specifications.

F. FILLING: Areas around the Memorial, Marker, or Upright Monument are to be filled in by topsoil or sand.

G. GROUND CONDITIONS: Because ground conditions will vary based on the weather, vehicles are permitted off the Cemetery Grounds roadways for installation work only when approved in advance by the Cemetery.

H. CLEAN UP AND INSPECTION: After completion of an installation, the outside contractor, outside installer, or such contractor or installer’s agent must clean up and remove from the Cemetery Grounds all waste and debris resulting from the installation. After completion, the Cemetery will inspect the installation to assure that it meets the Cemetery’s standards. The Cemetery will promptly inform the outside contractor, outside installers, or such contractor or installer’s agent of the acceptability of the installation.

I. INSTALLATION ERRORS: The cemetery reserves the right to remove at the expense of the lot owner, any monument, effigy structure or any inscription placed theron which shall be determined by the Company to be offensive or improper. The Cemetery will notify the outside contractor, outside installers, or such person’s agent of the errors in writing post marked within 5 working days after installation of the manner in which the installation is in error. Errors shall be corrected by the installing person within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 15 days from the date of notification. Errors are deemed corrected when an approved INSPECTION FORM is signed by the Cemetery. The Cemetery reserves the right to take reasonable and appropriate action in the case of safety related errors or extended non-performance to correct errors.

J. DAMAGE: The outside contractor, outside installer, or such contractor or installer’s agent is responsible for any damage to the Cemetery Grounds or property owned by Owners of Burial Rights caused by their equipment or personnel. Any damage caused to the Cemetery property or property owned by Owners of Burial Rights shall be reported to the Cemetery immediately. Such damage shall be repaired as soon as possible. Written notice must be given to the Cemetery of the remedial work done to correct or repair such damage.

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